Welcome to Big Springs Charter School

"Our mission is to educate and prepare all students for success in family, education, employment, and community. Failure is Not an Option."
As you enter Brune School and Cailloux/Najim School, the level of pride and accomplishment is evident.  The schools are well maintained and have a safe environment, with technology appropriate to a wide range of learning activities.  The learning atmosphere is exciting, stimulating, and success oriented. Students have a wide spectrum of learning experiences.  The school climate encourages respect; adults are compassionate, competent, committed, consistent, considerate, and enabled.
Students accept responsibility for learning and possess positive attitudes.  Their communication is open, friendly, and caring; not only between students, but also with staff.  This exists because of respect among students and the adults in their lives.  The students are self-motivated and excited about learning.  They have a sense of direction and possess a high sense of responsibility.  Through their sense of good values, positive behavior, and high moral conscience; they hold themselves accountable for their actions.  They accept the consequences of the choices they make.
Open communication exists between students and adults through mentoring; mastering all levels of communication, including oral and written; and the fostering of positive relationships.
Students come to school prepared, eager to participate, and devoted to their learning.  They complete learning projects and assignments without hesitation and are successful because they believe in who they are. All students work to become productive adults and contributing members of society.  They aspire to be lifelong learners as they prepare and plan for the future.
The community embraces involvement in the educational development of all students.  Ranch staff, parents, and other members of the community demonstrate respect for education through their availability to and support for all members of the school population.  Ranch staff and parents take an active role in their child’s education by providing basic needs so their child is ready to learn.  By learning values and good ethics at home, the students are prepared to succeed at school.  Mutually respectful and cooperative in school, ranch and community; ranch staff, parents, and school staff work together with the vision of helping students become productive members of the school and society.  Administrators are visible and accessible to the students.